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We are the manufacturer of high quality LED lighting. LED line® brand has been gaining recognition ever more successfully across the industry professionals and experts all over the continents. The high level of trust, loyalty and recognition would not be achievable without the active involvement of our strategic business partners; we warmly invite you to consider working with us. We strive to deliver excellence and the greatest value to achieve partners’ and clients’ highest satisfaction. As a partner of LED line® you gain the following:


Reliable products which you can trust

LED line® has proven to be the guarantee of the highest quality and customer satisfaction. The constructional elements used for the product of LED line® products are supplied by the greatest and most renowned industry brands: CREE, OSRAM, SAMSUNG, MEANWELL, LUMILEDS. Their high parameters are confirmed by tests performed at the LED Line® Light Research and Measurement Centre. Before leaving the central warehouse, each production batch is subject to strict quality control. LED line® products come with a manufacturer’s product warranty of up to 7 years. LED line® products have been repeatedly appreciated for their design and innovation. We have received various awards: Innovators WPROST 2015, Customer Laurel 2012 and 2013, Prize of the Minister of Environment in the "Product in circulation" competition 2018, Silesia EXPO 2018 Fair Award.


Our highly experienced engineers and professionally equipped laboratory constitute a modern training base for Distributors, Business Partners and their Clients. We provide cyclical product and technical training on photometry and LED technology, improving the knowledge and competences of our partners.

Stock availability

The central warehouse is located in town of Ostrołęka in north-eastern Poland. One of our main goals is to ensure that the catalogue offer is available "on the spot" in the warehouse with the shortest possible delivery time to the customer. Statistics show that the product availability at our warehouse is >95%.


Our strategic business partners can be provided with the following at any time: printed and electronic catalogues, promotional materials (such as leaflets), a database of professional and high resolution photographs, database integration files, product displays and further professional support in placing your details at our interactive online map of distributors / points of sale (which is an excellent “client referral” tool). LED line® products are packed in a modern-looking, high quality boxes, designed in accordance with current legal requirements.

International recognition

LED line® has established and strong presence in 25 countries. Since 2014, we have been presenting our latest offer at the International Trade Fair: Warsaw Light Expo. Since 2018 we have been an exhibitor at the largest prestigious lighting fair: LIGHT+BUILDING in Frankfurt am Main.

Safety of use 

Products that reach the hands of customers are safe and meet all formal and legal requirements intended for its purpose. LED line® lights do not contain poisonous substances such as mercury or lead. They provide a safe working temperature for users and the environment. FLICKER FREE™ technology delivers highest level of safety for the human eye and maximises concentration. Reduced glare improves safety and comfort at work. The high quality of LED line® products is confirmed by various certificates of, among others, the National Institute of Hygiene.

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